Vice Night!

In 2021 we introduced an entirely new suite of pop-up exhibits conceived and hosted by Brandy Swartz. These one night exhibitions were created to expand the boundaries of creativity, challenge artists to push their personal limits and integrate the community into an in depth view of alternative photography, art, subjects and visions. This collection of exhibitions provide an alternative way of experiencing artwork, and push the boundaries of what it means to install and display art.

We are excited about growing this audience, and for the shows already slated for 2022.

Saturday, May 14, 2022
Photography show 5pm
Draw Show 8pm

featuring Brandy Swartz
Vice + Pride is a creative collaboration with beautiful people telling their stories, a fantastic makeup and hair artist, Madeline Hollingsworth, bringing visions to life and a wealth of knowledge through the art of collage by Jessi Tucci.
Each model in the photographs represents a color from the Pride flag in an editorial fashion. These images will be on display alongside in-depth letters to their younger selves.
My goal is to step out of my comfort zone and focus on different areas of photography. I challenge my lighting, posing, color technique, and digital graphics skills. I aim to display these photographs in an intense, immersive, joyous setting at The Art Center of Burlington.
The show will be free to the public and begins at 5 PM on May 14, 2022. An incredible DJ, Matt Rissi, from Cedar Rapids, a cash bar, and portraits and stories will be on display with fun lighting. The show then turns into a drag show at 8 PM, hosted by Elle S. Dina.
The topic I chose is for the LGBTQIA+ community. These sessions are all about challenging the models to step out of their comfort zones, embrace a side they don’t often let people see, and become fully engaged with thrill, pride, self-worth, and love. I have the most incredible makeup and hair artist who has helped me put my models at ease and bring visions to life.

Past Vice Shows

Saturday, April 30, 2022 5-8pm


Kelli Edwards


Aidan Krell

Saturday, January 29, 2022 5:30-8pm


Adam Kieler, Iowa Street Photography


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