Public Art

At ACB, we are proud to be at the forefront of public art projects in our community. We believe that public art has the power to enhance and enliven public spaces, spark meaningful conversations, and strengthen our cultural identity. Our team is passionate about bringing art out of traditional gallery spaces and into the public realm, where it can be experienced and appreciated by all. Through our public art projects, we are committed to creating engaging and thought-provoking works that beautify our community and make it a more vibrant and inspiring place to live. We look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of what public art can achieve and to contribute to the cultural richness of our community for years to come.

3rd Street Mural Project

In the spring of 2022, thanks to the support of a Community Foundation of Des Moines County grant, we launched our 3rd Street Mural Project on the exterior of our building. We look forward to completing this mural project in 2024 working in collaboration with local artists and community members.
We are so excited to be dedicating this mural to Tammy McCoy, who served as Executive Director of ACB from 2014 to 2022. This dedication will happen later on in 2024!

Mayfly Mayhem Project

Won Placemaking (Small Scale Activity) at the annual Main Street Iowa Development Awards hosted by Main St Iowa in Des Moines April 2024.
The Iowa Arts Council recognized ACB's commitment to creativity and community by awarding us a grant in 2022 for our Mayfly Mayhem public art project. This project will come to life in 2023 through a collaboration with local artists and organizations, who will create beautifully stenciled mayflies to be showcased on various buildings throughout downtown. In addition to adding a playful touch to this unwelcome yearly visitor, we hope to foster community engagement and drive tourism. We look forward to sharing this exciting project with the community and continuing to find creative ways to connect art, humor, and community pride.

Celebrate the Arts

In celebration of the Art Center’s first 50 years, a public sculpture was unveiled in Spring 2018 on the corner of 3rd and Jefferson, a cultural hotspot; Art Center of Burlington, Capitol Theater, and Burlington Public Library all within the vicinity. The larger than life aluminum sculpture created by Chris Bennett stands just over 12 feet high. It features four, double sided pod shapes that stack in opposite directions on a red painter's brush. Each pod shape displays a sculptural relief of an icon representing a major artform surrounded with colorful confetti. This sculpture is the first of many pieces of public art representing the cultural hub that Burlington has become.

Find the Mayflies!

A Downtown Burlington scavenger hunt

Stained Glass

Artist: Jessica Kirby

Originally a Woolworth department store from the 60s, and now a hub for artists and art connoisseurs alike. This building features a giant mural on its side. Can you spot the playful mayfly hidden within the artwork?

The Paraglider

Artist: Brayden Nordyke

Alley ways can be some of the most fun places to find an artistic surprise. It's hard to tell if this guy in the air is headed to a favorite clothing boutique, or in search of a relaxing spa treatment.

The Boba

Artist: Kaylee Kramer

A curious mayfly has found its favorite spot in Burlington's newest craze, Boba Tea! Originated in Taiwan in the 1980s. It was created as a fun and innovative way to serve tea by adding chewy tapioca pearls. These pearls are made from cassava root starch and come in various sizes and flavors.

The Coffee Addict

Artist: Kaylee Kramer

Amidst the buzzing atmosphere of this local coffee hangout, even a delightful but tired mayfly seeks solace in the invigorating embrace of coffee.

The Pizza Lover

Artist: Aidan Krell

Trace the path of this mayfly, and join the bustling crowd that flocks to this nostalgic, family-owned pizza hub, cherished since 1972. This beloved Burlington landmark, formerly nestled on Main Street within the Union Hotel, now found in it's 3rd Street location, attracting generations with its timeless charm and iconic pizza + gyros

The Paint Palette

Artist: Jeri Sparks

This mayfly adorns the building where art and community collide. It pays homage to the creative potential in all of us.


The Sunflower

Artist: Kaylee Kramer

Originally part of the old Schramm department store in 1878, this mayfly adorns the side of what was once a young women's shop,, haberdashery, as well as the location of Burlington's dry-goods millinery.

The Burger

Artist: Jessica Kirby

Follow this mayfly to the utterly cool back patio of Burlington's oldest bar. The former 'Sombrero' is now home to constantly evolving + creative bites, delicious + stunning cocktails, and laid-back, effortlessly cool vibes.

Ally + Freed

Artist: Jessi Tucci

Keep an eye out for a pair of enchanting mayflies, gracefully perched on the side of a building tucked behind the bridge on Washington Street. Though this structure may be modest in size, it holds a vital and meaningful place in Burlington's LGBTQ community.

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